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Essential Oils

Essential Oils are extracted from flowers, leaves, seeds, roots and stalks of aromatic plants and trees by steam distillation. Essential oils can either be massaged into the skin, inhaled in an infusion or sprinkled in a bath. The oils penetrate into our blood stream either through the skin, nose and work with nature to bring about healing. Their heady natural perfume stimulates our sense of smell, affecting the limbic system which connects with moods and emotions.

Below is a list of essential oils which are helpful in relieving sinus infections :-
Cajuput - respiratory functions including colds, coughs, sinus infections and sore throats
Cinnamon - tones the respiratory and circulatory systems
Ginger - strengthens the immune system
Lavender - asthma, insomnia
Myrrh - chronic respiratory conditions
Peppermint - headache, sinus congestion
Tea Tree - respiratory infections, coughs and colds

Warning :
1. Never swallow essential oils. Keep out of reach of children
2. Never use pure essential oils near your eyes.
3. If you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, diabetes,epilepsy skin irritations - consult a qualified

When choosing to buy your essential oils, choose a company which is reputable, been in the market for a relatively long time and using organic sources - herbicide and pesticide free.

We know that there are many companies in the internet offering essential oils, so to save your time and effort, we have selected two companies which meet the above important criteria -
Mountain Rose Herbs and Birch Hill Happenings

Bulk organic herbs, spices and essential oils. Sin

Since 1987 Mountain Rose Herbs has consistently delivered exceptional quality certified organic products with a strict emphasis on sustainable agriculture. Their essential oils are true certified organic by OTCO,  free of pesticide and chemical residues when not certified organic, harvested and distilled in clean facilities, from first distillations, guaranteed fresh and unsurpassable and of true therapeutic quality. CLICK HERE to explore their wide range of essential oils as their long standing in this field is already a solid and reliable testimony of their quality of products.

Birch Hill Happenings has been around for almost 11 years and still growing managed by Alan and Penny.
Alan studied aromatherapy through the Australasian College of Herbal Studies. This course has a tough regimen and is considered to be one of the Top Three Schools in the USA for Aromatherapy and Penny received her certification in Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy in May, 2008. A very serious course of study in the medical aspects of the use of essential oils for therapeutic aromatherapy.
Their essential oils are 100% pure as tested by Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry along with several other tests to assure that you are getting True and Pure Essential oils that are pesticide and herbicide-free and free from any other contaminants  and some are ECOCERT - Certified Organic.
They are very service oriented and personal where you can email them your queries which they will respond within 24 hours and their own concocted recipes featuring various blends of essential oils for specific allergies, ailments, etc. It is literally like having your own personal aromatherapists.
CLICK HERE for your 100% Pure Essential oils to relief your sinus infections.