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Little Kiwi, the nutritional powerhouse to combat your sinus drainage

Do not look down on the Kiwifruit. This dwarf fruit which contains a giant of benefits has been labeled as one of the super fruits which includes oranges, cranberries, blueberries, pomegranates, bananas and apples.

Benefits of the little Kiwi -

  1. Positive effects on digestive health, immune support, cell damage and repair and cardiovascular health.

  2. Contains twice the amount of vitamin C as compared to an orange and serves as a strong shield against sinus drainage

  3. Provides fiber and helps to ease bloatedness

  4. Has phytochemical compounds which can prevent cancer

  5. Has a mild laxative effect

  6. Has potassium which is helpful in reducing high blood pressure and regenerate nerves and muscles quickly

  7. Contains folate which every pregnant ladies should take for healthy development of the baby and also for healthy skin and blood cells

  8. Packed with antioxidants such as polyphenols and carotenoids for protection against damaging free radicals – antioxidants are beneficial to overall health and health of your respiratory system thus increasing your immunity against sinus drainage

  9. Boasts the vitamin E of three apples which can lower cholesterol and soothe, heal damaged skin tissue

  10. Has a low glycemic index – great fruit to take for weight watchers

Its benefits is testimony that it is indeed a powerhouse stuffed with nutrients to boost your immunity.

So remember to add some kiwifruit slices in your salad or better still, eat a kiwifruit a day keeps the doctor away!

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